Living In Plymouth


I’m a student at Plymouth University in the 2nd year of my music degree. For the first year I lived home in Exeter and commuted to lectures each day, for the 2nd year I decided to get up and out and move to Plymouth. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights of my experience living as a student away from home for the first time in my life.

I’ve spent my years dabbling in the practice of excessive drinking, Plymouth is the perfect grey city to indulge oneself in this act. With a wide range of hideously affordable bars stretching up North Hill I for one have been grateful for the opportunity to get drunk in strange bars that look more like houses. My favourite haunt at the time being is “The Skiving Scholar” a lovely sticky-floored establishment with a flooded basement bar. It has everything I look for in a bar, Thatchers Gold and a poor selection of cheap dirty whisky’s. I’m not the biggest fan of nightclubs but I have revelled in the fact that in Plymouth you don’t have to go to a nightclub to get wasted and dance to good music.


For me moving out has been an important step, I have my own space and I’m very grateful to be living where I am. Some things I learnt that perhaps I should have learnt earlier are that the washing does not wash itself and that food costs and inordinate amount of money. HOWEVER, I’ve really loved fending for myself, I have to remember to take my keys with me, I have to clean my space and make my bed and wash my dishes, it’s been eye-opening, but also the best experience of my life. e. Even if the house is slowly falling apart and barely works, the important fact is that it is home.

One thing I dislike about Plymouth is the pavements, they are not built for skateboarding and the poor quality of the roads does not help me have a good smooth journey, why they feel the need to put drains every 3 metres along every pavement in greenbank astounds me, however apparently they did so I must life with it. In general however the roads and streets are kept clean, and overall the city is quite pleasant. The hoe and barbican areas are places of outstanding beauty, and whilst cold in the winter a refreshing stroll along the seafront is a beautiful way to spend a free afternoon, and it certainly helps me keep my head clear.

The campus itself is pretty run of the mill, mildly over-populated with buildings and “lads” and “lasses” loudly discussing their plans to get drunk and make some form of fornication with each other, it’s much like any other campuses I have visited. We have a students union bar which I rarely go to, however apparently they will be showing the superbowl on Sunday. I like Drakes Cafe as they always have a vegan option of chips and beans, whilst the rest of the campus is fairly un-vegan-friendly, I at least find solace in a plate of warm chips and beans. To be fair the best thing about the campus is the location, and the fact it’s a stones throw from the station and a 15 minute walk from the sea, which all in all is pretty perfect, and if you can put up with the people and lack of vegan foods, it’s generally pretty cool.

If you read this, and are thinking of coming to Plymouth University, Give it a try, you never know you might like it. Heck I really struggle to find positives in things, but being in Plymouth is one of the best choices I’ve ever made, even if some of it is a bit crap.

(Disclaimer being from Exeter means I’m socialised into hating everything Plymothian)