A Letter To The Student’s Union:

Dear Student’s Union’s

Firstly I want to thank you, I really appreciate you deciding who I am supposed to fear and pre-emptively protecting me from their opinions. It is really comforting to me to know that you will ensure I never have to have my ideas or opinions challenged and instead will be able to rest on my currently held opinions and have them solidified by being exposed only to those who agree with me. Equally I would like to thank you for ensuring that nobody who could even slightly offend me has the ability to, I’m more than aware that mild offense is the worst thing that could happen to me and to know that you are going out of your way to protect me from those who pose a risk of causing offence to me is very welcome. I always hoped that university would be a place where I would be sheltered from new ideas and kept in the dark about the realities of discussion and conversations, I definitely did not come here to explore ideas contrary to those which I agree with.

That being said, I am concerned. As a transsexual who’s own brain holds dear to the belief that I, a transwoman, am in fact biologically male and am not now nor have ever been, female. Many of the beliefs held by Julie Bindel, a feminist who was barred from speaking at Manchester University by the Students Union, are beliefs that I personally share, and as I have been made aware that these beliefs are a direct threat to my safety and peace of mind I was wondering what would be done to deal with that problem? Obviously I wouldn’t wish to “incite hatred towards and exclusion of” my own self, and feel that exposing my delicate transsexual self to my personal set of beliefs would be a direct violation of Manchester University, and I’m sure my own university’s, safer spaces policy.

I look forward to hearing what suggestions you have to ensure my continued safety and inclusion within the UK education system.



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